Different restos!

First of all by arriving to Istanbul, one is struck by the quantity of food which is daily proposed in the streets of the city. Food debauchery, which one does not find in the French cities, which displays in all the corners of street, in shop windows, itinerant stalls, wagons even on boats around Bosphorus where one can eat nets of roasted mackerels.

The Turkish kitchen is classified, according to the Blue Guide, as the third world kitchen, after the French and the Chinese, according to the number of used ingredients and made flats.

The level of life in Turkey is about 3 times less brought up than in France, and still it varies between deep Anatolie and Istanbul (Turkish GNP ~ 8000 $; French GNP 24000 $). As such Turkey is a developing country. Istanbul, produced to him alone 40 % of this GNP for a population of 15 million inhabitants is 20 % of the population. So contrary to Ankara, city of civil servants and so little rich, Istanbul is a city which conceals a multitude of places to go out, and so a great deal of restaurants. But it is especially the very big variety of restaurants that characterizes Turkey and Istanbul in particular. Restaurants can line up in some category where atmosphere and food will be very different.

The most popular are certainly Ocakbasi which means literally " head of the foyer ". Indeed this type of restaurant has

Always a very big high fireplace, opened by all the highly-rated and planted in the middle of the room, where one can see any sort of meats spirit to roast, except naturally of the pig. One can choose in a cooled stall its fragments to cook and to verify the state of coolness. In entry mezze to choose establishes a maid before nurse. Quite maybe was accompanied with the raki inevitable national alcoholic drink on base of aniseed as in all the countries of the Mediterranean circumference (ouzo in Greece, anisette in Spain, pastis in France, arak in the Lebanon, but rak in Reunion wants to say Rum all this because it means alcohol in Arabic). The atmosphere guarantees the awakening of all the senses.

Köfteci also proposes some meat only in Köfte, ball of roasted lamb is in room of restoration or simply in the street.

Also to Iskembeci one presents only dishes as kokorech, all on base of tripes(guts), it is necessary to dare even if it is sometimes a little bit fat, as the tavukgöcksu harms(serves) on base of neck of chicken, etonnant !

The banner of certain restaurants, indicates that they are Haci, that is that the owner already made(did) the pilgrimage in Mecca, and as such they do not serve as alcohol.

If one looks for more still of folklore, one can eat Gozeleme, sort of very big pancake folded with vegetables or some meat inside. All this in a musical bottom of " saz " to dive into the Anatolian atmosphere.

Also Pideci serves pide which remind strangely Italian pizzas with a different dough and a shape.

But if it is the fish which tempts you, you will not miss the numerous restaurants of fishes during Bosphorus where you can enjoy various fishes which cross Bosphorus following the season. Kakan, levrek, lüfer, hamsi, cipura often roasted will make you discover fishes of the quite close Black Sea.

Unless you wished a Greek atmosphere, Istanbul accommodates a dozen Greek inns where one breaks plates under feet in sign of happiness, guaranteed sertaki.

It is necessary to attend, in whatever of these restaurants, the cut of the fast ( the ifthar ) in period of Ramadan. Sat  in front of the already served, moving, salting, smelling food, the Turk looks forward to the fateful hour and to liberator henceforth given by the television throning in the room of restoration.

But so quite this does not tempt you there will be inevitable Mac Do and their adversities, which teem more and more, supplementary sign of the internationalism.